V- Marketing the movement to bark on the moon.

In recent years, memecoins, like our father Shiba Inu, have been soaring in popularity within the cryptocurrency market, setting a new trend for digital asset investment. However, their values are predominantly influenced by public sentiment, often amplified by online trends or 'memes', hence the name allows them to capture widespread attention and attract massive market participation.

Understanding this key attribute of memecoins, it's clear that successful marketing is imperative for their growth and survival. The strength of memecoins lies in their popularity and their ability to connect with communities who share a mutual sense of humor, culture, or interest. Marketing, therefore, serves as the lifeline that maintains and widens this connection.

But many projects fail to attract investors because they don't take marketing seriously enough, or they don't understand what specificities there are to promoting a memecoin. At best, they use methods that only work in traditional markets, costing a lot of money and yielding little results. On the contrary, the team behind BabyShiba is very experienced in these matters and knows how to make a crypto successful. We know the demands of the memecoin market, and our marketing will be multilateral, leaving no stone unturned in its expansion. Because memes are a worldwide phenomenon, everything will be geared towards the global market, affecting all countries where cryptocurrency investors and meme enthusiasts are located. Marketing will be trackable on a daily basis, as each progressive step will be published on our Telegram feed.

What we will focus on for our first marketing phase will be the following things:

  • Establish long term partnerships with crypto influencers willing to use their network to help spreading the word.

  • Get listed on important CEXs to provide more trading options and give us visibility.

  • Get in touch with notable newspapers to have articles about BabyShiba published.

  • Get in touch with influent crypto youtubers to have reviews of our project on their channel.

  • Collaborate with other influent memecoins.

  • Create Google, Facebook, Youtube, Telegram, and Instagram ad campaigns to reach a wide audience online.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

  • And some surprises that will be dropped.

Of course, this is only an non-exhaustive list of what we intend to do; you will see many other unexpected marketing moves.

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