I- Babyshiba: the heir of Ryoshi's vision.

Every project marking its time is crafted based on a vision. A vision provides substance to any cryptocurrency and directs its path. As we mentioned in our introduction, Ryoshi's vision was simple: to create a spontaneous token that belongs to his community and to see how the experiment would unfold. This experiment was a success, demonstrating to the world that decentralization is indeed an effective form of organization, capable of producing remarkable outcomes. A community doesn't need a leader or a path dictated by someone: it can self-organize to go in the right direction.

Fast-forward several years to 2023, the crypto landscape has evolved, but decentralization is a term that still frequently pops up. In reality, decentralization is not a mere feature you integrate into cryptocurrencies. It is the very root and essence of crypto. The main issue is that many people who claim their project is decentralized, in reality, hold all the keys to their kingdom and work solely for themselves.

Babyshiba, however, is not one of those groups. Babyshiba is here to reignite the flame of decentralization. We embody Ryoshi's original vision. Built on just a 1% tax, with our liquidity being burnt and our actions led by the will of the community, our aim is to leave a lasting legacy. We want to be the project mentioned whenever there is a conversation about Shiba Inu. It will necessitate time, patience, and a strong commitment, but with a united community and the vision of a great man, we can achieve anything.

The Shiba Kingdom now welcomes a new member. And the timing couldn't be better: Shiba is on the brink of launching their own blockchain.

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